The Public Edge Cloud to make the Internet: faster

The Sharing Economy For Servers

The Mutable Sharing Economy

Like an Airbnb for servers, Mutable’s Public Edge Cloud upgrades network operators’ underutilized servers into new revenue streams by sharing their low-latency computing with the makers of next-generation AR/VR, IoT, robotics, autonomous vehicle and cloud gaming applications


Building a



How do we provide faster internet? By bringing the internet closer to users. Compared to 60 milliseconds of latency common on traditional datacenter-dependent cloud networks, Mutable’s public cloud deployment on the edge ensures latency rates of under 20 milliseconds. Faster speeds translate into more reliable online collaborations and real-time technology applications.

Make a difference on the edge

Mutable Cloud harnesses 5G networks’ ultra low latency to provide constant connectivity between wired and wireless devices locally on the edge. Find out how increased security, smarter collaboration and seamlessly-networked devices can reinvent your industry:

Cloud GamingCloud Gaming
Autonomous VehiclesAutonomous Vehicles
Data ProcessingData Processing
Internet of ThingsInternet of Things
Video ConferencingVideo Conferencing
Smart CitiesSmart Cities
Video & Audio RecognitionVideo & Audio Recognition
Industrial IoTIndustrial IoT
DNS & NetworkingDNS & Networking

Tailored Deployment Solutions

Mutable’s virtual cloud deployment solution turns any underutilized server cluster into an instant micro-datacenter on the Public Edge Cloud

  • ISP Infrastructure

    ISP Infrastructure

    Terminate user requests before reaching the Public Internet, lowering latency and boosting security

  • ARM / GPU

    ARM / GPU

    Unleash unique cost and performance benefits by deploying applications on ARM & GPU architecture

  • Cross-Network Optimization

    Cross-Network Optimization

    Transfer data between known networks by adopting Software Defined Networking (SDN), thereby reducing data transfer costs

  • No Upfront CapEx

    No Upfront CapEx

    Do away with costly expenses like in-house infrastructure development and save on personnel, hardware, and real estate

  • Competitive Pricing

    Competitive Pricing

    Shift workloads based on pricing conditions for optimal performance without compromising on cost

  • NextGen Product Development

    NextGen Product Development

    Upgrade to containers & microservices-oriented architecture for rapid product development and daily iteration

The Storefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Main Street for Edge Solutions––Think of Mutable Marketplace as an effort multiplier which places your solutions front and center for Operators in need.

For Vendors

Enter the Spotlight:

This is your opportunity to show operators how to use your product to their advantage

You control the narrative:

Marketplace is the ideal place to share your success stories to help operators visualize your value proposition.

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For Operators

One-Stop-Shop for solutions:

Discover some of the industry’s most innovative solutions and the people behind them.

Deploy demos on Mutable Cloud:

Operators can test out vendor solutions without leaving the platform with instant mutable cloud deployments.

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